Mineral Bed Filter System

Mineral Bed Filter System

Mineral Bed Filter system works on the principle of sand bed filtration. Dirty water flows through a vessel containing bed of special grade sand. Dirt is trapped in the sand while clean water flows out of vessel. The system is backwashed at regular interval to remove the trapped dirt from sand.

Applications: –
Filtration system for de-ionized water in wire-cut machines- FANUC, Agille Charmilles, Electronica, Sodick, Mitsubishi
Coolant filtration system for carbide tool grinding

Salient Features-
No consumable filter medium- The filtration sand which comes with the system lasts for min 1 year of usage.
Environmental impact- Even if the medium is changed, it can be easily discarded since it is just naturally occurring sand. Thus no special arrangements need to be made to discard it.
Zero wastage of water- The cleaning (backwashing) of the sand happens with water itself. However, this water is not thrown out of the system. It is recirculated in overhead tanks and same water is used for next backwashing cycle.
Uninterrupted full flow filtration- The systems are designed so that it gives desired or higher water flow rate for the entire lifetime of the mineral sand.
Fully automatic self-cleaning systems- Normally our systems are designed for manual backwashing. However, we can provide fully automated systems with PLC controlled panel and air actuated valves.

Technical details-
Filtration capacities- 100 lit/min to 1500 lit/min and more
Filtration efficiency- 3 micron (nominal)

How it works-

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