Cyclone separator

Cyclone separator

Cyclone separators are media less, non-consumable filtration systems used mainly for coolant filtration. The system works on the basic principle of creation of a vortex in the cyclone separator due to which heavier solid impurities are drained out, while clean coolant flows out from the top.

Applications: –
Coolant filtration system for surface grinding
Coolant filtration system for HSS tool grinding
Coolant filtration system for aluminum machining
Coolant filtration system for cast iron machining
Coolant filtration system for grinding dust
Filtration system for component washing machines

Salient Features-
Highly efficient precision filtration- The cyclone separator is designed to remove 95% of 10 micron and above particles.
No consumable filter medium- Running cost of cyclone separators is the least as compared to any paper based filter system as it neither requires any filter change nor any disposal of industrial waste.
Environmental impact- Environmental impact is absolute zero as the only waste generated from the system is the dirt it will remove from the fluid.
Uninterrupted full flow filtration- The systems are designed so that it gives desired or higher water flow rate for the entire lifetime of the mineral sand.
Portable systems- Portable coolant cleaning systems can be made with auto sludge removal facility.
Energy efficient- The only moving part in the system is a simple centrifugal pump. The energy requirement depends on the capacity of the system; however, the smallest cyclone separator system will consume less than 1 hp power.
Compact size- The foot print of the cyclone separator is negligible compared to any paper based filtration system.

Technical details-
Filtration capacities- 20 lit/min to 300 lit/min
Material of construction- SS 304
Filtration efficiency- 10 micron (nominal)

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