Cyclone separator

Cyclone separator

Application for filtration system:

  • Surface grinding
  • HSS tool grinding
  • Aluminium machining
  • Cast iron machining
  • Grinding dust
  • Component washing machines

Cyclone separators are media less, non-consumable filtration systems used mainly for coolant filtration. The system works on the basic principle of creation of a vortex in the cyclone separator due to which heavier solid impurities are drained out, while clean coolant flows out from the top.

Salient Features:

  • Highly efficient precision filtration
  • Non consumable filter medium
  • Environmental impact- Environmental impact is absolute zero as the only waste generated from the system is the dirt it will remove from the fluid.
  • Uninterrupted full flow filtration- The systems are designed so that it gives desired or higher water flow rate for the entire lifetime.
  • Portable systems- Portable coolant cleaning systems can be made with auto sludge removal facility.

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