Coalescer- Oil Skimmer

Coalescer- Oil Skimmer

Coalescer- oil skimmer is a tramp oil (waste oil) separator which performs the same function of an oil skimmer but with much more efficiency and zero maintenance.

Applications: –
Skimming oil from water based emulsion coolants used in machine tools
Skimming oil from alkaline degrease solutions in component washing machines
Skimming oil from degrease and pre-degrease fluids in paint shop pretreatment

Salient Features-
High oil skimming efficiency- The coalescer- oil skimmer removes tramp oil to less than 4 gm/lit. Rate of oil removal is higher than rate of addition in case of coalescer oil-skimmer
Improved fluid properties- We never observe a layer of oil floating on fluid surface. This improves the working fluid as bacterial growth, foul smell, and itching problems are avoided while maintaining the cooling properties and Ph value of the fluid.
ROI- Working fluid remains healthy thus reducing its consumption
Environmental impact- Continuous removal of waste oil makes discarding the working fluid environmentally safe.
Portable- Smallest Coalescer-oil skimmer is mounted on a trolley hence 1 system can cater to an entire shop-floor
Zero recurring cost- Skimming of oil from water does not require any changeable media.
Zero maintenance- The only moving part in the system is a simple pump.
Energy efficient- The smallest coalescer-oil skimmer consumes only 0.37 KW
Automated- The system once installed requires absolute zero manual intervention.
Compatibility- The system can be connected to any machine sump or coolant collection tank.

Technical details-
Dimensions- 960 mm (length) X 315 mm (width) X 1280 mm (Height)
Approximate weight- 60 kgs
Power supply- 3 phase, 0.37 KW, 50/60 Hz



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