Coalescer- Oil Skimmer

Coalescer- Oil Skimmer

Application for Oil Skimming:

  • Water-based emulsion coolants used in machine tools
  • Alkaline degrease solutions in component washing machines.
  • Degrease and pre-degrease fluids in paint shop pre-treatment.

Coalescer- oil skimmer is a tramp oil (waste oil) separator which performs the same function of an oil skimmer but with much more efficiency and zero maintenance.

Salient Features:

  • High oil skimming efficiency- Rate of oil removal is higher than rate of addition in case of coalescer oil-skimmer.
  • Improved fluid properties- Improves the working fluid as bacterial growth, foul smell, and itching problems are avoided while maintaining the cooling properties and Ph value of the fluid.
  • Environmental impact- Continuous removal of waste oil makes discarding the working fluid environmentally safe.
  • Zero maintenance- The only moving part in the system is a simple pump.
  • Portable- Coalescer-oil skimmer is mounted on a trolley which can cater to an entire shop-floor.
  • Automated- The system once installed requires absolute zero manual intervention.
  • Compatibility- The system can be connected to any machine sump or centralize system.
Working Video-


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