• Centrifuge is a solid-liquid separator system. It not only helps recover precious materials like copper, carbide etc but also reduces the impact on environment as there are no filters or paper media required.
  • Applications: –
    Removing solid impurities from deburring fluid
    Removing solid impurities from water based emulsion coolant
    Removing solid impurities from oil in thread grinding operation
    Copper recovery from working fluid in PCB manufacturing
    Tungsten carbide recovery from oil/coolant in tool grinding
    HSS recovery from oil/coolant in tool grinding
    ETP, STP sludge removal

    Salient Features-
    Efficiency- The centrifuge removes particles from fluids up to 20 microns.
    Improved fluid properties- Working fluids always remain free from impurities, thus maintaining their properties throughout their life.
    ROI- Recovery of precious material is possible without using any filter media
    Environmental impact- Continuous removal of solid impurities makes discarding the working fluid environmentally safe.
    Low noise- Rotating parts of the system are balanced to perfection thus eliminating vibration. As and added precaution all centrifuges come with vibration dampening pads.
    Safety- All centrifuges are equipped with arrangement to stop immediately after its top cover is removed, thus avoiding any accidents. Its control panel is equipped with phase reversal and single phase protection and auto stop feature when it is time to remove the collected sludge.
    Zero recurring cost- All centrifuges come with an extra rubber basket. When one basket is removed from cleaning, the spare can be used for continuous operation.

Technical details-
Dimensions- 550 mm (length) X 550 mm (width) X 1000 mm (Height)
Approximate weight- 150 kgs
Power consumption- 2 KW, 3 ph, 50/60 Hz


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