Skimming oil from alkaline degrease solutions in component washing machines

Any component that gets assembled in a car gets thoroughly washed to remove any unwanted particles, oils, foreign media etc to ensure proper dimensional accuracy, surface finish and aesthetics. These foreign unwanted particles and oil obviously find their way in the alkaline washing solutions forming dangerous sludge and rendering the solution useless. These washing solutions

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Coalescer- oil skimmer for machine tool coolants

What is tramp oil? Tramp oils are any unwanted oil that enters coolant during the manufacturing process. These oils can enter from a variety of sources such as oil on parts from previous operations, or leaks from hydraulics, spindle and gear oils etc. So my coolant or cutting already has oil in it, so won’t

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Coalescer- oil skimmer for paint shop pretreatment

Any coating process is as successful as its base metal preparation! Consistently producing a cleaned surface is very important in any coating process! The key word in the above sentence is ‘consistently’. One of the most important operation in producing these clean surfaces is pre-degreasing and degreasing the surfaces to be coated. As one can

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