Coalescer- oil skimmer for machine tool coolants

Coalescer- oil skimmer for machine tool coolants


What is tramp oil?
Tramp oils are any unwanted oil that enters coolant during the manufacturing process. These oils can enter from a variety of sources such as oil on parts from previous operations, or leaks from hydraulics, spindle and gear oils etc.
So my coolant or cutting already has oil in it, so won’t a little extra oil help?
The simple answer to this question is …not likely.
Effects of tramp oil-
Tramp oil can cause a variety of problems from increased mist and smoke, emulsion destabilization; increase in bacterial growth, dermatitis, staining of certain metals, poor tool life, inconsistent surface finish and even compliance issues when you discharge spent solution to a waste water treatment plant.
Also, oil + water + solids = sludge
How can Innovation Filter System help in solving this problem?
We manufacture oil-water separators called coalescer. The unit works on the principle of coalescence i.e. small globules of oil coming together to form a bigger globule. In this case the coalescing media used has affinity towards oil and hence, oil is coalesced while water/coolant is allowed to flow through.
Hence, a float assembly is lowered in the coolant tank and the pump is started- and the oil separation starts.
Why do I need a coalescer?

  • Coalescer reduces tramp oil concentration in the coolant down to less than 4 gm/lit.
  • Coolant properties like cooling, rust prevention, ph value etc remain intact hence avoiding total replacement and disposal.
  • The system is portable and hence can be used for multiple machine tanks on the shop floor.
  • The process of separation is mechanical i.e. there is no chemical reaction involved. Hence, the media is not consumed and hence does not need to be replaced.
  • Due to continuous pumping, the coolant is circulated and does not remain stagnant. This provides aeration and hence avoids bacterial growth leading to elimination of foul smell and chances of dermatitis.
  • There is no skill required in operating the unit. The design enables for plug in and forget operation.


  1. Capacity- 20 liters per minute
  2. Ideal for any machine sump
  3. Overall size- 550 mm length X 300 mm width X height adjustable according to tank
  4. Material of construction- All wetted parts in SS 304
  5. Pump- 0.37 KW, self priming, 3 phase with suitable starter

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