EDM Oil Filtration

EDM Oil Filtration

Now the benefits of crystal clean oil are available for EDM!
IFS has a custom EDM oil filtration system for all the major OEMs including Mitsubishi, Sodick, Charmilles, Agie, Makino and many more. IFS’s system out performs cartridge filters of any make.


  • Reduced Machining Time=Faster Cuts

Without clean dielectric, microscopic particles present in the oil can interfere with effective machining of the workpiece. If present in sufficient quantities, the frequency of discharge will be reduced and the electrode will back away from the cut. IFS’s filtration helps to eliminate this contamination contributing to efficient performance at optimum machining speed.

  • Improved Accuracy

Geometric shapes may be deformed and tolerances not achieved when dielectric is contaminated by conductive particles. Again, IFS’s filtration capabilities minimize these particles which interfere with the controlled discharge machining of the sidewalls of the cavity. Clean dielectric is essential to achieve the repeatability and close tolerance requirements of production and multi-cavity mold applications.

  • Reduced Pitting=Reduced Polishing

Particles bridging the gap between the electrode and workpiece convert the AC current used in EDM to DC current. This causes a concentrated discharge, resulting in arcing and pitting that damages the electrode or the workpiece. With dielectric filtered to three microns, more consistent current allows finer surface finishes that reduce polishing time.

  • Cost Justification

Users of the IFS System point to two areas of savings. First, IFS’s automatic cleaning of the filter elements eliminates the cost and down-time of changing standard cartridges. Second, and MOST IMPORTANT, machining with oil filtered to three micron produces significant benefits over standard five-micron paper cartridges. Reduced machining time, improved accuracy, and superior surface finishes have produced documented increases in overall EDM efficiency of anywhere from 5% to 35%. IFS specializes in EDM filtration. From individual units to centralized systems for multiple EDM’s, three-micron filtration provides dramatic improvements in EDM efficiency.

  • For a Cleaner and Safer Environment

Let’s face it. While EDMing affords incomparable machining benefits, it can be a very messy operation. When factoring in replacement of filter cartridges, oil spills, reservoir cleaning and sludge removal, the cost and time can be significant. Here’s where the IFS system makes real sense. Because the IFS elements are non-consumable, the debris to be disposed of is about 95% electrode/workpiece material. That means much less material to be disposed.
Finally, the fully automated features of the IFS maximize the up-time of your EDM machines and allows operators to spend more time running machines instead of changing filter cartridges. Significantly reduced disposal volume and expense combine to provide a more efficient and ergonomic environment. The IFS system makes the difference-where you live and where you work.

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