Coalescer- oil skimmer for paint shop pretreatment

Coalescer- oil skimmer for paint shop pretreatment


Any coating process is as successful as its base metal preparation! Consistently producing a cleaned surface is very important in any coating process!

The key word in the above sentence is ‘consistently’. One of the most important operation in producing these clean surfaces is pre-degreasing and degreasing the surfaces to be coated. As one can imagine, the grease and oil sticking to the surface enters the alkaline solutions and start accumulating.

With time, the level of unwanted oil on the surface of the alkaline solutions rises to such levels that instead of removing oil from surface, new oil is deposited on the surfaces. This leads to rejection of parts and the usual practice is changing the alkaline solution bath altogether.

Instead of changing the alkaline solutions we suggest installing our ‘Thermal Coalescer- Oil Skimmer’ for this purpose. Through data collected from our various installations of these systems we guarantee that the oil content in the degrease baths will be less than 4 gm/lit.

Thermal coalescer- oil skimmer works in an offline mode i.e. it sucks the oily solution from pre-degrease and de-grease tanks and oil free solution flows back to the tanks instantly. Oil from the solutions remain in the coalescer tanks which can be drained later. Heaters are incorporated in the coalescer as the alkaline solutions let go of the trapped tramp oil only at elevated temperatures.

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