Centralized grinding coolant filtration system for Silicon Carbide Dust

Centralized grinding coolant filtration system for Silicon Carbide Dust

Application: Silicon Carbide Grinding in Seal Manufacturing.

Installation Date: January 2019.

Problems Faced:

The size of silicon carbide dust particles after grinding is 0.5 microns to 5 microns. The filtration system provided by the machine manufacturer was a simple gravity-based paper filter. This filter was not able to separate the Silicon dust from the coolant. As a result, the coolant became sticky & un-usable in just 10 to 15 days. This coolant had to be then sent to coolant treatment plant & machine had to be filled with fresh water & coolant.

Secondly when the coolant becomes sticky, the Silicon dust settled on the machine ball bearings & sticks to it. Silicon is an abrasive substance. When the bearings rotate at high RPMs, the Silicon particles stuck on it caused premature wear of machine ball bearings.

Installation and commissioning:

The system was installed outside the shopfloor and 4 machines were connected to it. The coolant was supplied to machines from main tank. The Crystal filtration system by Innovation Filter system was separately connected to the main tank so that there is no interference between machines & filtration system.

Organizational Impact:

Coolant has not been changed for more than 3 months for the 4 machines which are connected to the filtration system. Only the sludge is collected in containers will be sent to hazardous waste disposal facility. As a result, volume of disposal has drastically reduced, thus reducing our environmental impact.

The problem of coolant becoming sticky is completely eliminated. As a result, the associated problem of frequent wear of machine bearing & jamming of measuring instruments has also being solved. This has helped to run the machines without any downtime.

Continuous supply of clean coolant on machine has improved the HSE conditions while working. No presence of hazardous Sic dust in coolant fumes during machining.

Space occupied by the inbuilt machine filters inside the shop floor has been released thus making room for an additional machine

This system will be further extended to all 20 machines.

Measurability (Results)

Savings accrued in 3 months of operation on 4 machines –

1) Direct saving of 2400 lit of water & 120 lit of coolant (total – 2.52m3) oil which would have otherwise been disposed of in the hazardous waste disposal facility

2) Volume of sludge that is to be disposed – 0.02 m3 instead of disposing 2.52 m3 of coolant (99% reduction)

3) ZERO machine downtime for coolant change & bearing replacement

Overview of Filtration Plant

Sludge collected after sedimentation

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